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  • Unforgettable Porsche Tours

    Unforgettable Porsche Tours

    Delivering the best in exclusive, all-inclusive*, PORSCHE driving tours of Europe since 1976.
    Porsche Club of America-endorsed Fast Lane Travel "knows how to do it right!"

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  • No Speed Limit Autobahn

    No Speed Limit Autobahn

    Feel the Adrenaline Rush as you accelerate through 150 mph.
    You're not driving too fast... just flying too low!

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  • Exotic Destinations

    Exotic Destinations

    Experience Europe’s breathtaking countryside and vast array of historical attractions.

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  • World Class Accommodations

    World Class Accommodations

    Getting there is half the fun... Luxurious accommodations and fine dining await.
    Fast Lane Travel is a full-service Virtuoso Travel Agency.

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the CARSthe CARS

the CARS

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What people are saying...

  • Press 1

    “The TREFFEN was a birthday gift that exceeded all of our expectations. Peter you provided great value for the dollars spent. At our PCA breakfast this Saturday I will be singing your praises.”
    Todd and Deb
    Newport Beach, California

  • Press 2

    “The entire trip exceeded our expectations. We combined the TREFFEN Plus with picking up a car at the Porsche Factory. The trip was outstanding, Thank you very much!”
    Jeff and Marge
    Newport Beach, California

  • Press 3

    “I Thank you so much for the excellence you gave to every detail and moment we experienced on the 2014 Spring TREFFEN Plus. We had the time of our life! The fun, laughter, scenery, food, wine, attention to our needs, and the Porsche experience that we had exceeded our expectations!”
    Kathy (Blondie) and Glen
    Orange, California

  • Press 4

    “High expectations invariably come with anyone embarking on such an exciting and inherently expensive adventure, and I was no exception. However, at every turn they were surpassed, in many cases beyond even my greatest hopes. Thank you so much for such a memorable experience!”
    Ryan and Angela
    Ft. Myers, Florida

  • Press 5

    “As this was our first experience with Fast Lane Travel, we didn’t know what to expect. But this tour most definitely exceeded everything. We truly had an amazing time, and most definitely want to repeat it. Thank you so much!”
    Stephanie and Dave
    North Shore City, New Zealand

  • Press 6

    “While Terri and I were the “newbies” to Fast Lane, we do not plan on staying that way! There were so many highlights for us it would be impossible to name them all. Peter and Sven, you guys were awesome, great time, exceeded all our expectations. Thanks!”
    David and Terri
    Springfield, Missouri

  • Press 7

    “This was an experience I wanted to enjoy and Fast Lane Travel made the trip care free. Overall our experience was “Outstanding” with little or no stress… So let me thank you, one and all, for your kindness and superior customer care.”
    Arthur and Nancy
    Los Angeles, California

  • Press 8

    “We expected that we would have a great trip in a wonderful Porsche 911 to drive through the great scenery, which we got all of and much more!! We made many great memories with a lot of new friends that all love cars and driving. Thanks for a great trip!”
    Steve and Pam
    Burnsville, Minnesota

  • Press 9

    “This was as good as it gets and it was the trip of a lifetime for us. Having never done a group trip, we had nothing to compare. However, every detail was truly taken care of. This was in celebration of Steve’s 65th Birthday and it was the trip he had hoped for forever. Great job!”
    Steve and Kyle
    Yarmouth, Maine

  • Press 10

    “My and Debbie’s experience with you, a beautiful 911 and a world class group of new friends and their Porsches was one of the best and most memorable experiences of our lives. We have been lucky enough to see most of the world for fun or for business, but have never had such a time, ever.”
    Robert "Emmett" and Debbie
    Jupiter, Florida

  • Press 11

    “We have never been on such a vacation. All we did is work for 35 years and take small trips with the family. Susan always wanted to experience Tuscany and I always wanted to go to Germany and the Porsche Factory and Museum. This trip was the perfect fit for us. Thank you!”
    Walt and Susan
    Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania

  • Press 12

    “All of our expectations such as drives though beautiful countryside, staying at beautiful hotels, seeing and touring the PORSCHE Museum and Factory and meeting interesting people were fulfilled completely. We would make no changes to your tour.”
    Rob and Kathy
    Crownsville, Maryland






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