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  • Custom Tours

    Custom Tours

    Let Fast Lane Travel design your Custom DREAM Tour
    Designing, planning and making sure all the arrangements are taken care of down to the smallest detail for an unforgettable luxury European driving vacation is a BIG, complicated job – and luckily for you, we are the experts.

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    We’ve done it all. If you have an idea of where you want to go, let us know and we’ll create a special tour for you.

Custom Tours

Planning an amazing vacation filled with excitement, relaxation, and luxury is easier said than done.

We hear from our clients often that they started planning a driving vacation through Europe and eventually the plan fell short of the original vision. They then value what we do even more.

Designing, planning, and booking an unforgettable Luxury European PORSCHE Driving vacation is a full time job – and, luckily for you, it is our full time job. We have 40 years of experience doing it. Read our reviews from past clients for whom we designed a custom tour for and you will see the positive experiences they have on a custom tour designed by Fast Lane Travel.


Driving tours TAILORED FOR 'YOU'

We have a broad range of experience designing custom tours. We once designed a custom tours for a father that wanted to teach his daughter the history of Europe and another for a family that sold a business and wanted to celebrate in an unforgettable way. Whether its history, an interest in castles, food and wine, or the driving experience, our unique way of touring Europe is the way to do it!


NO is NOT in our vocabulary, we turn ideas into realities!

If we were any more flexible we’d be Olympic gymnasts. We will design a custom tour for you that fits into YOUR schedule.

We’ve done it all. If you have a specific interest in Europe let us know and we can create a tour for you.

Let us design your Custom DREAM Tour

  • Driving tours TAILORED FOR YOU.
  • No need to think, we’ll do the thinking FOR you.
  • NO is NOT in our vocabulary, we turn ideas into realities!
  • Trust the EXPERTS in European PORSCHE Driving Tours!

We are the European PORSCHE Travel Experts.

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A Custom PORSCHE trip typically runs from $1,200 to $2,200 per day per couple, depending on what activities, venues, types of PORSCHE, distance driven, destinations are included.

Also, consider “The Ring” as an exciting add on to your trip or custom trip. Details on the NÜRBURGRING PROGRAM here.

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